Beretta Optima HP 20g Delta Waterfowl Choke Tubes (BHP)


Beretta Optima HP 20g Delta Waterfowl Choke Tube

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Beretta Optima HP 20g Delta Waterfowl Choke Tube

Our NEW Beretta Optima HP (A-400) Super Steel Choke tubes have been BEEFED up with Carpenter 455 stainless steel (12 GA only), adding more strength to this choke to withstand steel shot and other heavy tungsten shot shells  ammunition.

Due to the thin wall design of the Optima HP choke system, we had to use a tougher material than the 17-4 stainless steel used in our other tubes (20 GA).

 By using the new Carpenter 455 material we have manufactured a choke that hunters can now use with Steel, Hevi Shot, and other tungsten shot shells without worrying about the choke tube swelling and sticking in the shotgun’s barrel.

These choke tubes work with all lead shot shells, also.  We offer these New super strong, Choke Tubes in Modified, Improved Modified, and Full choke constrictions

These choke tubes feature a longer parallel section allowing for less flyers and denser patterns over the targeted area.  These choke tubes extend ¾” outside the barrel eliminating barrel damage caused from prolonged use of steel shot.

The longer parallel section allows for use of larger steel shot in tighter choke constrictions.  These choke tubes have a knurled extension and a matte blue finish.

All steel shot can be used in the Close Range and Mid Range choke tubes, DO NOT use steel faster than 1550 FPS or steel shot sizes larger than BB through the Long Range choke tube.

These choke tubes are backed by Carlson’s Lifetime Warranty and Made in the USA!

The Carlson Delta Waterfowl Choke Tube set comes with:




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Waterfowl Chokes

2 Pack – 20g, 3 Pack – 20g, Close Range, Long Range, Mid Range, 2 Pack – 12g, 3 Pack – 12g


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